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The blockchain technology offers us innovation, efficiency and trust. Its transparency, decentralization and immutability give it a competitive edge over the traditional methods currently used in many fields. However, an integration of the blockchain technology faces a number of challenges.  One of the most difficult is its legal regulation, which varies from country to country. Knowing which law to apply and how to comply with the legal requirements is critical to the success of any project. Therefore, behind every successful business, there is a team of great lawyers.

Blockchain Legal Aspects:
Consulting on legal aspects of implementing a blockchain technology in business operations. Selection of the jurisdiction. Registration of company. Licenses and permits. Compliance with the law.
Digital Assets and Securities:
Audit of the token legal structure, application of the Howey Test, Family Resemblance Test, and Risk Capital Test to the token. Audit of the White Paper and other public materials for compliance with the U.S. securities law.
Legal Opinion and Representation:
Drafting a legal opinion letter regarding the ICO’s and tokens' compliance with the U.S. securities law based on a review of the token model and ICO related documents. Representing clients before relevant U.S. authorities.
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